The Association


The Association for the Heat Treatment of Metals (hereafter the “Association”) is an independent non-political trade organisation and a voluntary affiliation of private individuals and companies. ATZK was established in order to bring together professional interests in the field of the heat treatment of metals and in the advancement of the level of this entire branch of technology. ATZK establishes and maintains organizational and professional contacts with foreign associations, primarily the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering and the German company AWT (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wärmebehandlung und Werkstofftechnik).

ATZK produces a triannual bulletin with information from the field, which keeps its members updated on its activities and events.

What we offer to our members

  • an advantageous participation fee for technical ATZK seminars
  • participation in organizing professional seminars
  • training aimed at professional development in the field of heat treatment
  • an advantageous participation fee for professional conferences
  • advertising opportunities in the ATZK bulletin
  • information, perspectives, and expert opinions or their inclusion in the full services provided by ATZK
  • information acquired from both foreign and domestic professional publications
  • the application of knowledge and materials obtained through the international contacts of ATZK
  • information on events organized by ATZK and their foreign partners
  • the opportunity to submit proposals concerning the organization of other (new) educational events of ATZK